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Playworld and SWAPNGO

Beautiful Together!

With growth comes new opportunities. Now that SWAPNGO.EXCHANGE has expanded to include the Binance blockchain on their platform, new opportunities have arisen. One of those opportunities is to forge a burgeoning partnership with Playworld! What is Playworld, you might ask? Read below to learn about an exciting and upcoming crypto-gaming platform like no other.

The success of any crypto project, or business for that sake, starts and ends with its founder and or development team. The founder of Playworld is Kryptokrissy, and this developer is full of energy and desire. It was such a pleasure and inspiration to talk to Kryptokrissy that it is almost assured that the up-and-coming crypto gaming site called, Playworld, is sure to never be done taking off. Each game that hits the market will only inspire this developer to produce more and more fun and excitement for every gamer. Playworld has become Kryptokrissy’s life and passion, so there is no end to the possibilities, realities, and future of Playworld!

Several future games soon to be deployed by Playworld will be powered by their own Playworld token, which resides on the Binance blockchain. The Playworld Token, available for trade on SWAPNGO.EXCHANGE, will have many utilities on the gaming site. Therefore, Playworld is far from a meme token. It will build value in the future as the Playworld gaming site grows and evolves. Thus, Playworld games and the tokens that bear their namesake will be very rewarding.

There are several ways to earn rewards now and in the future on this excellent platform filled with games and incredible graphics. If you hold their OG Discount NFT, have 4 million Playworld tokens, and 5 current playable characters you will get a share of 5% of Google and Apple Play proceeds that will be paid in BNB tokens. If you hold over 2 million Playworld tokens and five playable NFT characters, you will get a share of 5% of the proceeds from Amazon, 5-8% if you are an OG NFT holder as well. Both of these rewards are slated to begin on April 15th, 2024. Speaking of rewards, there are also the much sought-after Staking rewards.

That is correct; not only can you get the rewards stated above, but you can also get a generous reward for staking your tokens and NFTs. If you venture over to their website,, you will find a tab just for staking your Playworld wealth. (soon to be available on the SWAPNGO.EXCHANGE) A great feature is that for only a sixty-day staking term, you can earn 5% APY. What could be better than playing awesome games and earning money simultaneously?

Speaking of games, exciting projects in the works which will provide a mind-blowing metaverse that will put you in a gaming world like no other. Right now, you can soothe your gaming desires and sweet tooth simultaneously by playing the highly addictive Comet’s Candy Dash. In this carnival-based game, you will guide Comet, a caped flying dog, through a fairground full of lollipops that will challenge you each time to achieve your highest score. Playworld will satisfy every gamer’s wants as this exciting project grows. Players and investors need to come to Playworld and grow right along with it.

Perhaps this article has saved the best for last. As mentioned earlier, Playworld has NFTs, but what NFTs does Playworld have? 

One can purchase several types of NFTs, each with a unique function in the Playworld ecosystem. Each one is complete with amazing graphics and advantages.

The first is their discount NFT, which costs .3 BNB to mint. This NFT will allow the user to access beta tests for upcoming games, get discounts on in-game purchases, access other unique rewards, and get some awesome 1-of-1 NFTs from their private collection.  

The Mythical Zoo NFT is Playworld’s second type of NFT, allowing you to become part of their upcoming metaverse. For five dollars, the minter has the opportunity to create mythical creatures that will appear in 3D in their mythical zoo.

The third NFT from Playworld are playable (hand-drawn works of art by their team of experts) that allow for a myriad of exciting in-game power-ups for only .2 BNB.

Playworld has exciting NFTs in addition to those mentioned above. On the Meg NFT market place can be purchased a whole collection of NFTs that depict the art that can be seen all over Playworld.

No matter how one looks at it, this new relationship between SNG token/SWAPNGO and the Playworld community is an exciting one. Look for incredible developments between the two projects shortly. Those in the know should get involved to ensure they can grow along with these projects. Exciting times are dead ahead!

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