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SNG Token/SwapnGo-The Gateway to Crypto!

Before we get going, it is imperative to know about SNG Token and SwapnGo. SNG Token is a Crypto (see Crypto below) previously brought about to burn another token called Shiba Inu, or as insiders call it, Shib. In the beginning, SNG Token was great at what it did: burn Shib. SNG Token is still the number one Shib burner out there, with 12 billion Shib burned (taken out of existence). That equals about $115,000 in today’s money. However, only existing to burn another token does not make for a complete ecosystem or a worthy project. Hence, the founder of SNG Token, Rashi, set out to create something even more revolutionary—a crypto token with many utilities and functions for people. To go along with this idea, he developed the concept of an exchange that would allow everyone to easily trade Crypto, no matter what platform or blockchain they used. That revolutionary concept became SwapnGo.

Many exchanges exist today, but which one should you use? If you are new to Crypto, choosing which blockchain on which exchange to do business can be a daunting task. You hear of many different tokens and exchanges, but what if you want two different coins on two different exchanges? What if the exchange you wish to use is complicated and not user-friendly? Again, this is where SNG Token and SwapnGo show their stuff! SwapnGo is a decentralized exchange that does not keep your tokens or coins on its platform, which is essential because it makes trading safer. You keep your investment under your control! (More on that later) It is also user-friendly, making trading more enjoyable and easier, allowing one to trade between different blockchains. Right now, a trader can trade coins on the Ethereum or the Binance blockchain, with more blockchains becoming available in the coming months as SNG Token and SwapnGo grow. With the Utilities mentioned later in the article, SwapnGo is a one-stop shopping/trading experience that will revolutionize the way trading/investing is done, whether you are new to the game or have been around the block a few times. In addition, one can stake SNG Token and cut the already cheap trading fees on SwapnGo in half. (More on Staking later) Now, on to what Crypto happens to be.

Crypto? What is it?

According to A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Most cryptocurrencies exist on decentralized networks using blockchain technology—a distributed ledger enforced by a disparate network of computers.

A defining feature of cryptocurrencies is that they are generally not issued by any central authority, rendering them theoretically immune to government interference or manipulation.

Why Use Crypto?

So, there you have it. Secure money and transactions that can’t be counterfeited or controlled by any government. One can spend it virtually anywhere, with the correct credit card, internationally without worrying about converting to local currencies; the transactions are recorded and fast. They are so secure that Larry Fink has stated in an interview that he sees the future of Crypto as helping the financial market close trades and get people their money instantly without intermediaries. Crypto will eliminate multiday wait times and unnecessary wait times. 

Why SNG Token and SwapnGo?

I snuck this information into the article twice, but that is how essential and valuable SNG Token and SwapnGo are. As mentioned above, SwapnGo is a one-stop shop that will fill most, if not all, of a new or an experienced trader or investor’s needs. But what about SNG Token? 

Do you like money? Sure, we all do. If you stake SNG Token, you will receive half off the already cheaper trading fees associated with SwapnGo. In addition, more utilities will be associated with SNG Token that are coming soon. (Due to NDAs, they can’t be mentioned at the moment.) 

I almost forgot, SNG Token itself can be burned, or taken out of circulation. That means the more people stake, the more people utilize SNG Token, and the more people utilize SwapnGo (each transaction burns SNG Token; did I mention that?), the more valuable SNG Token becomes. Thus, it may be an excellent investment for your future self. Not financial advice, but your future self may be thanking you later.

What are utilities, and how do SNG Token and SwapnGo play into those?

Simply put, utilities are uses for a cryptocurrency. We are used to using fiat, a nation’s money, for purchasing or investing. We pay our bills with fiat, go to the store, buy cars, or invest it to get more. The very same uses pertain to Crypto. However, in the crypto world (soon to be everyone’s world), one needs to utilize Crypto to make money or investments. Don’t worry; one can use Crypto to buy just about anything these days. But how do SNG Token and SwapnGo play into this scenario?

Right now, one can stake SNG Token on SwapnGo. Just like you put money into a certificate of deposit at a bank, you can stake your Crypto. Right now, you can stake SNG Token on the SwapnGo exchange and earn much more than any bank pays. For example, you can stake coins for 90 days and earn 4% APY. If SNG Tokens are staked for 180 days, they will earn 6% APY. These percentages will only go up as SNG Token and SwapnGo grow. Watch out, banks; why would anyone continue giving you their investment money when you pay nothing? Right now, you can even even earn 18% APY if you stake the Preme token on SwapnGo, but you must do so for 365 days. Hey, not bad for 18%; where are you going for that kind of return? Preme token, if you are wondering, is a very well-run separate crypto project that has partnered with SNG Token and SwapnGo. Since SNG Token and SwapnGo are gateways to the crypto world, look for future partnerships and even more ways to earn money.

Future utilities are in the works. These include some of the ways we use fiat, as mentioned, and tools that will help make you a much better trader. Keep an eye out because these will be here before you know it. If you love wealth, you will watch the SNG Token/SwapnGo project!

How to be SAFE using SNG Token and SwapnGo?

Many people shy away from Crypto because they have been scared off by the FTX scandal. Many people don’t know that FTX and a few other exchanges held people’s cryptocurrency. These exchanges viewed it as their own Crypto that they were lending to the people who actually bought it. Therefore, when the exchanges went out of business, they took people’s money and claimed it for themselves. SwapnGo differs because when you trade one coin for another, you hold your coins or tokens, not SwapnGo. (Unless they are staked) Thus, you control your investment and your crypto future, not someone else.

Why should you use SNG and SwapnGo as opposed to our competitors?

SNG Token and SwapnGo are the gateway people need to get invested and involved in the crypto revolution! Whether it be safety, utilities, cross-chain trading (not available with our competitors), or the ease of use of making sense of how to make a trade, there is no better place than SNG Token or SwapnGo! Stop here once; invest for a lifetime!

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