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SwapnGo and SNG Token Building Trust in the Digital Currency World!

Challenges to Trust in the Digital World

Let’s face it: the digital world (commonly called crypto) is often referred to as the wild west. Labels such as that do not come about for free. Many times, a sentiment like that happens to be earned. Some of this earned sentiment comes about due to people not understanding how digital currency works. Other sources leading to this distrust come about due to the vast number of digital currencies that have no utility and the fact that none of them seem to work together. Issues like these build a general feeling of mistrust.

Not understanding something leads to a general sense of distrust. Look at the world before the Renaissance. Many people distrusted basic science principles during the time of Da Vinci and Galileo. Concepts so basic as a heliocentric universe or being allowed to study the human body’s inner workings were highly frowned upon. One could have been burned at the stake for suggesting that the Earth revolves around the sun. Just as Da Vinci and Galileo struggled in the 16th and 17th centuries, digital currencies now face distrust in the 21st century. There will be a time when society looks back and wonders why obstacles existed in the digital currency world and to technology so essential as blockchain. Luckily for us, projects like SNG Token/SwapnGo and Preme are poised to knock down these barriers with a general feeling of working with everyone. These two partners will bring the financial world into the reluctant 21st century sooner than one may think.

Scientific trust may never have been achieved if the scientists before the Renaissance had not worked together in some way and were running amok. In recent years, digital currency has found success by what can be thought of as sheer luck. The great advancements of blockchain technology and NFTs have rightfully had some success, but that success has been random. When countless token projects run on various blockchains, things become confusing. Add in meme tokens with no utilities and the multiple projects refusing to work together, resorting to a somewhat tribal mentality, and it is no wonder that outsiders look upon the future of blockchain/digital assets with distrust. Luckily for the unknowing world, SNG Token/SwapnGo and Preme have joined hands with each other and another key partner (named a little later in this article) that will finally bring this needed trust. So, what are these fantastic projects doing to finally get this much needed trust into the digital currency world?

SNG Token/SwapnGo Bringing the Trust!

As mentioned above, a world in which blockchain projects run in different directions, some with no purpose at all, will only confuse and make the populace distrustful. That is why the SNG Token/SwapnGo community has partnered with Preme and the United States Federal Contractor Registration (USFCR) to bring digital currency solutions to the real world. Digital currency has sat on the sidelines for far too long regarding business. Sure, as one person who famously bought pizza with ten thousand Bitcoins demonstrated, digital currency can be used to purchase items. But what about funding a business? What about loans that companies desperately need to fulfill government contracts? SNG Token/SwapnGo, Preme, and the USFCR are working to connect companies to the funds they need to conduct the nation’s business. It is time that the wealth stored in crypto gets used using sensible solutions. This solution, which is trustworthy and much more straightforward than meets the eye, will help move America and the world into a future only a few have ever fathomed.

Business will be helped in a multitude of ways. Many business owners have been held back from closing loans with the government for what seems like an eternity. What if there was a way in which digital currency could significantly shorten this time? A way of bringing the funds and businesses together in ways that make sense is something that is now in the works. Making the nation’s business move at the speed of business would strengthen us and bring trust. That is something that SNG Token/SwapnGo and Preme have been working toward with USFCR. 

Allowing corporations to do their jobs quicker and safer is in our best interest.

Safety is something on everyone’s mind in today’s business world. We have learned in the last article that digital currency cannot be counterfeited and that instant tracing of all transactions exists. In a world where scam artists abound, would it not be nice to have businesses transact loans and business dealings so that fraud becomes a thing of the past? By use of smart contracts and other solutions existing on the blockchain, this partnership will venture down a path that brings businesses everywhere to a place where all transactions and business dealings are done in an ultrasafe atmosphere.

 Building on the idea that science and technology should always be embraced, does it not make sense for business to venture into the 21st century? The Partnership of SNG Token/SwapnGo, Preme, and USFCR will bring the speed and safety of business to levels that America and the world have never before seen.

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